Why partner with Loyal North

In contrast to most acquirers, who often close offices and seek to re-engage clients centrally after acquisitions, Loyal North aims to find companies with similar cultures and values to us, to acquire the majority stakes in high-quality advisory companies whilst maintaining their trading names, branding and key staff.

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Where we partner with a firm as part of a structured exit strategy, our original owners generally stay with their company for a mutually agreed commitment period to ensure the smooth running of the operations, particularly as part of the buy-out payments and future value of their residual stake can be influenced by the acquired company’s subsequent performance. We also work with firms looking to both part-capitalise and at a long-term growth strategy and who wish to partner with a larger organisation to maximise their potential.

Loyal North gives firms an opportunity to partner with an acquirer who buys into the business and its people, ensuring that the local “High Street” identity of the advisory practice is not lost.

Loyal North is looking to attract business owners of financial planning and wealth management firms who share our culture and a common goal of safeguarding the traditional community-focused service, with dedication to its clients and keeping to their long-term goals and lifetime objectives. We deem this essential to our approach.

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  • Who are Loyal North Plc?

    Loyal North is a new and exciting development in the IFA acquisition market. We are part of a wider Group with AUM over £1.5bn. Unlike many acquirers simply looking to buy assets, we prefer to buy into a business and partner with them to help grow and develop together.

  • How does Loyal North’s acquisition approach work?

    We buy into businesses with an initial capital event and then work alongside that business for a period of several years to help grow, develop and achieve the second capital event. We have completed asset purchase, full business acquisitions and 75%-25% split deals, to give you peace of mind and maintain control. Continuation of the existing trading style and name for the IFA is essential to our approach.

  • Does Loyal North offer Asset and/or Share Purchase deals?

    Our proposition is generally based on ‘buying into’ a business, therefore our acquisitions are on a share purchase basis, but we are prepared to look at different options and entertain a degree of flexibility in all our deals.

  • Do I have to transfer all my Assets?

    Loyal North is not your typical acquirer and we are not a consolidator. We do not operate a platform so there is no demand from us to transfer any assets. Our focus is the continuity of your proposition, with Loyal North providing additional support and options to help develop and grow your business.

  • What is Loyal North’s offering?

    We look at each business individually and tailor a distinct offer to suit. We are not beholden to a Bank or Private Equity company and therefore have the freedom and flexibility to adapt our offers to each business. That allows us to engage with any size and scale of business across the UK, whether as an Asset Purchase or Share Purchase over a short or long-term arrangement.

  • How can I be sure you will pay me?

    Loyal North is well funded and looking to acquire a number of new businesses over the next few years. Our deal structure is designed to give an additional certainty to sellers over contractual future payments.

  • What support can I expect from Loyal North?

    We are highly experienced in the process of acquisition and mergers, so you can rest assured that you and your clients will be handled in the most professional and personal manner.

    Our aim is to maximise the potential within each business, using centralised resources to help reduce costs and increase profitability.

  • What will happen to my business after you buy it?

    We aim for complete continuity and our objective is to retain the trading style, brand, culture, offices and staff in each acquisition. That’s how we all get the best results.

    Loyal North have a highly respected reputation in acquisitions, so if you are considering retiring, we would love to hear from you.

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