Our Process

We advise opening discussions about a potential capital event at the earliest opportunity. Usually, complete transition/exit takes about 3-5 years, so it is worth considering it as early as possible. However, our straightforward, no-nonsense approach is reflected in our nimble and timely acquisition process; which typically takes only three months to complete once commercial terms have been agreed.

While we have several standard deals, we are flexible and can work with the sellers to find the best option to suit both parties. Being internally owned, we are responsible for our own future and are free to make commercial decisions to secure the long-term growth of Loyal North.

Why capitalise now and continue to run your business?

  • Create certainty by taking risks ‘off the table’ by capitalising earlier than you thought
  • Enhance the life of you and your family life sooner
  • Continue to run your own business but be part of something bigger
  • Benefit from the sharing of best practices between likeminded financial planning firms
  • Benefit from scale through a group’s purchasing and negotiating power to reduce costs to your clients
  • Access to more sophisticated investment solutions for the right clients
  • Take the first step towards planning for a medium to long-term succession plan

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